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Houlihan's Hepatitis A Outbreak Lawsuit

In January of 2007, a food worker at Houlihan’s restaurant in Geneva, Illinois, was diagnosed with a hepatitis A infection. Kane County health officials inspected the restaurant that afternoon, and warned all patrons who had eaten at the restaurant between January 8 and January 19, when the employee was infectious, of their potential exposure to the hepatitis A virus. In particular, customers who had ordered and consumed iced drinks were at risk for becoming ill with hepatitis A.

The Kane County Health Department held clinics at two locations in Aurora, Illinois, so that patrons who had been exposed to the hepatitis A virus at Houlihan’s could receive free injections of Immune globulin to prevent hepatitis A infection.

Marler Clark filed a class action lawsuit against Houlihan’s on behalf of all individuals who received Immune globulin injections as a preventive measure against hepatitis A. The firm resolved the class action lawsuit in 2008.


Class Action Lawsuit to be Filed against Houlihan’s Friday

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