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Maple Lawn Dairy Hepatitis A Outbreak Lawsuit

On November 6, 2004, the Chemung County Health Department issued a hepatitis A news release announcing that four persons had confirmed hepatitis A infections which were traceable to the Maple Lawn Dairy Family Restaurant. The Health Department advised that persons who had eaten at the Maple Lawn Dairy between September 26 and October 10, 2004 may have been exposed to the Hepatitis A virus, and recommended that persons who had potentially been exposed receive injections of immune globulin, an antibody treatment that provides protection from the hepatitis A virus if exposure to the virus has occurred within 14 days prior to the injection.

The Chemung County Health Department linked the outbreak to a Maple Lawn Dairy restaurant employee who was diagnosed with the Hepatitis A virus, and was working at the restaurant while infectious.

Donald Rockwell had lunch at the Maple Lawn Dairy Family Restaurant on October 3, 2004. He was hospitalized with acute hepatitis A infection on November 3, 2004, and died of liver failure secondary to hepatitis A infection on March 13, 2005.

Marler Clark's hepatitis A lawyers represented Mr. Rockwell’s estate in a lawsuit against the Maple Lawn Dairy. The matter was resolved in early 2006.


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More about the Maple Lawn Dairy hepatitis A outbreak can be found on the Marler Clark-sponsored site about hepatitis A.

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