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Quizno's Hepatitis A outbreak Class Action Lawsuit

On June 27, 2004, the Boston Public Health Commission announced that customers who had eaten foods prepared at a Boston Quizno’s restaurant located at 74 Summer Street between June 17 and June 19 may be at risk of developing hepatitis A, and urged all customers who hade eaten cold or uncooked foods purchased from the restaurant during that period to contact their health care provider to receive an injection of immune globulin to prevent becoming ill with hepatitis A. Following the warning, a large number of persons obtained the recommended immune globulin shots.

On July 9, 2004, the Marler Clark attorneys filed a class action against Quizno’s on behalf of all people who had been exposed to the hepatitis A virus and who had received immune globulin injections as a preventative measure. The court later approved a settlement on behalf of class members. Notice and payment to class members has been completed.


Seattle attorneys file second hepatitis A class action lawsuit: Quizno's sued

More about the Quizno's hepatitis A exposure and class action lawsuit can be found on the Marler Clark-sponsored site about hepatitis A.

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