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In October of 1999, the King and Snohomish County health departments investigated a hepatitis A outbreak in the Seattle area. Interviews with outbreak victims revealed that ill individuals had consumed Subway sandwiches from one of two Northeast Seattle Subway restaurants in the weeks before exhibiting symptoms of hepatitis A infection.

The joint health department investigation resulted in the identification of an estimated 40 hepatitis A cases associated with the consumption of food purchased from the two Subway restaurants. A subsequent inspection by environmental sanitarians found that neither of the implicated Subway outlets had a written hand washing policy, and that employees were not required to document their knowledge of proper hand washing technique.

Marler Clark represented 29 people who became ill with hepatitis A during the outbreak in claims against Subway. The law firm settled the hepatitis A cases for a collective $1.06 million.


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Seattle Law Firm Obtains $1.06 Million Settlement on Behalf of Hepatitis Outbreak Victims

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